Canada Ready To Buy Marijuana From Kenya – Wajackoyah



Presidential Aspirant George Wajackoyah says Canada has assured him of a ready market for marijuana.

Speaking on Thursday while officially launching his campaign, the lawyer confirmed that his political party, Roots Party, is officially and fully registered and that his name will be on the ballot come August 9.

“The Canadian government has assured me through a proxy that they have a ready market for marijuana. They have legalized marijuana. Last year alone they got $484billion (KSh55.3trillion) from the trade,” he said.

He further pointed out that the trade in the herb will help Kenya pay off some of the foreign debt it has incurred.

“If Canada has legalized, Uganda has legalized, South Africa has legalized, Lesotho has legalized, Morocco legalized recently, what is wrong with us Kenyans. Why would we actually depend on reliance? We need to do something about this, and my government will make sure that as soon as we take over, we shall legalise

Marijuana for purposes of clearing of debt,” he stated.

This comes after he announced his manifesto a while back majorly consisting of a plan to legalize marijuana for purposes of clearing debts.

“We shall sell ganja and pay them all their loans. Somebody is telling us to take wheelbarrows taking us back to the ancient century. Let us grow and sell weed and make everyone happy financially,” Wajackoyah said.

He also proposed that the death penalty will be used under his administration to deter corruption as is done in other nations such as Iran.


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