Kenyan asylum seeker who’s been in Canada for 21 years granted permission to stay


A Kenyan who was exiled in Canada has a reason to smile after he was saved from impending deportation due to global media galvanisation.

The Toronto Star, a media outlet in Canada, indicated that Samuel Ndesanjo Nyaga was offered permanent stay in the North American Country after a 21-year struggle. Nyaga moved to Canada in 2000 in search of asylum after he claimed that he had been threatened and persecuted for his fight for water and electricity access in Rural Kenya.

At the time, he was a member of the then opposition Democratic Party which he had joined in the 1990s. When he arrived in Canada, his struggle began. He spent three years fighting for his asylum case to be heard and after that, he spent seven years barely getting by following the expiry of his working visa.

After the first decade, the Canadian system determined that Nyaga should return to Kenya because the country was safe for him. He, however, argued that he had already established himself in Canada and did not have a life in Kenya. He was then directed to be reporting to the Canadian Immigrant offices every week, an exercise he carried on diligently for another decade.

In mid-December 2021, Nyaga learnt that his deportation back to Kenya was set for January 4, 2022.

According to the Toronto Star and other media outlets, it was reported last week that he was being deported on January 4, 2022, which prompted the Kenyan Community in Canada to launch an online petition urging the agency to stop the impending deportation.

Over 4,500 people signed the petition.

“I don’t have anything left in Kenya. Toronto I can walk while closing my eyes. I am the GPS of this city…This is home,” Nyaga told the publication. The lawyer who was appointed to represent Nyaga then made an application seeking to have the client stay on humanitarian grounds. On Thursday, December 30, Nyaga received confirmation that his impending deportation had been waived and that he was free to spend the rest of his life in Canada.


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