Over 632 Nigeria-trained doctors confirmed practising in Canada


Dorcas Funmi

Association of Canadian Medical Practioners, has announced that, over 632 Nigeria-trained doctors has been confirmed actively engaged in the medical profession in Canada.

They revealed this through an email with a verified source in Abuja on Wednesday.

The association brings the medical professionals at all national levels in Canada to create strong and accessible health systems, fostering well-being and diversity in medical culture.

In September 2021, hundreds of Nigeria-trained doctors took part in an interview in Abuja, meant to fill existing vacancies in the health sector in Saudi Arabia.

It was reported that not fewer than 4,500 Nigerian-trained medical doctors has moved to the United Kingdom within the space of six years.

According to the email exchange, the CMA said, “As of 2020, there were 632 doctors who graduated from a Nigerian medical school and are practising in Canada.



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