Canadian Entrepreneur Tammy Sherger takes her powerful message of success to Ghana



Tammy Sherger, I Am Worth It Project Founder, author, international speaker, and trainer, has partnered with Mr. Osei Assibey Antwi, Executive Director of Ghana’s National Service Scheme (NSS) to provide personal development & soft skills training.

This training includes self-starting behaviours and beliefs such as confidence and worthiness. The I am Worth It Project employs strategies on how to develop personal responsibility and accountability.

The training will also include skills sets such as developing leadership and teamwork. Course attendees will advance their time management, communication, develop solution thinking, customer-facing skills and learn how to build personal influence and a mindset of personal excellence.

Mr. Osei Assibey Antwi, Executive Director of Ghana’s National Service Scheme selected the I Am Worth It Project to support the launch of their new message ‘Deployment for Employment’ The new NSS Approach to Development.

The 2-day intensive program has equipped the top management and regional directors of the NSS with modern skills in dealing with youth, leadership and how to work as a team to find solutions to existing problems.

According to the MasterCard Foundation’s, Young Africa works initiative, “Africa is the youngest and fastest-growing continent globally.

By 2030, there will be 375 million young people in the job market in Africa. Within a few decades, this demographic boom will push Africa’s workforce to more than a billion people, the largest in the world.

A significant gap between the number of young people seeking work and the limited employment opportunities available to them means that they will face challenges finding formal employment and a pathway out of poverty.”

Mr. Osei Assibey Antwi stated, “we are repositioning NSS to permanently employ some of its personnel and ensure the rest have the required employable skills and experiences to be ready for the world of work.”

When asked about the goal of the training, Ms. Sherger responded, “The outcome of our work is to enhance economic empowerment, well-being, and long-term employment for youth in Ghana. Gainfully employed youth is important to industrialize and move Ghana beyond aid.” Ms. Sherger continued by stating,

“Our signature program, The Success Degree™, also addresses the deeper psychological and social constraints facing people, especially youth, including hope and belief in a bright and successful future.”

Ms. Sherger knows this first hand. She rose from the stock room floor to the board room table as a C-Suite executive before taking the leap as an ‘unlikely entrepreneur’.

She is a woman on a mission to teach others to step into their worth and succeed. Rising above circumstances to achieve her dreams, she not only inspires but trains others to do the same.


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