Nigerian Doctor Suspended for Self-Prescribing in Alberta

Nigerian Doctor Suspended for Self-Prescribing in Alberta

ALBERTA – Peter Idahosa, an Alberta-based Nigerian doctor, has been suspended for writing improper prescriptions to self-medicate. According to the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Alberta, Idahosa admitted an unprofessional behaviour by writing several prescriptions for himself using coworkers’ names and without their knowledge or consent. As a result of his actions, Idahosa’s licence has been suspended for six months, four of them must be served and two are subject to compliance with court orders.

The Tribunal had accepted Dr. Idahosa’s admission of unprofessional conduct and ordered the following sanctions:

  • Idahosa’s practice permit is suspended for six months, with four months to be served and two held in abeyance pending fulfillment of the Tribunal’s remaining orders.
  • Idahosa must undergo a multi-disciplinary assessment at his own expense, to address the factors which led to the unprofessional conduct.
  • Idahosa’s permit will be subject to any practice conditions recommended from the assessment.
  • Idahosa is responsible for the full costs of the investigation and hearing (final amount still to be determined).


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