Worsening Drought Leaves over 3.5 Million Kenyans Needing Food Aid

Worsening Drought Leaves 3.5 Million Needing Food Aid in Kenya

A worsening drought has left 3.5 million people in need of food aid in Kenya.

The number of people facing hunger increased from 3.1 million in February, the National Drought Management Authority said in a report Monday.

The drought is worst in 17 of the 23 counties classified as arid and semi-arid, as the state of vegetation worsens and health of livestock deteriorates, according to the state agency.

Key Kenyan Food Crop May Be 20% Below Average After Poor Rains.

Prices of corn, a staple in the East African nation, are above the long-term average and are still rising due to the depletion of stocks, it said.

The agency recommends food assistance and boosting cash transfers to the most affected households, supply of livestock feeds and supplements, treatment and vaccination against emerging livestock diseases, water trucking and rehabilitation and maintenance of water facilities.

Drought in East Africa Means 10 Million People Need Urgent Aid



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