Nigerian-Canadian Nonso Amadi Taps Majid Jordan on “Different”

Nigerian-Canadian Nonso Amadi Taps Majid Jordan on “Different”

Nigerian-Canadian Nonso Amadi Taps Majid Jordan on “Different”

Nigeria-born, Canada-based R&B artist Nonso Amadi has called on OVO Sound duo Majid Jordan on his new track “Different.”

Blending R&B and Afrobeats, Amadi says “Different” is about “the feeling you get when you meet a girl you like in a room filled with other beautiful women—and how she stands out from the rest and makes you want to chase after her.”

Amadi and Majid Jordan’s partnership was born out of mutual admiration. “I had an instant musical chemistry when I first met Majid and Jordan to work on songs.

I found that every line I wrote, they would push me to go even further with it and be more descriptive in my words so as to paint a clear picture to the listener,” continues Amadi, hinting that this isn’t the last you’ll hear from him and Majid Jordan.

“Till this date I try to apply this movie-script-like method on every song. This was the case with ‘Different’ and other songs we worked on.”

“We started working with Nonso because we were fans of one another’s music,” explains Majid Al Maskati. “We connected during the pandemic and met at Noble Studios in Toronto.

From there we just started making a bunch of music together. ‘Different’ is one of those songs that feels different, is different, and brought us to Nigeria for the first time, where we experienced something different as well.”

Speaking of Nigeria, the music video for “Different” was filmed in Nonso Amadi’s hometown of Lagos. MTV Base Africa recorded an episode of its A Day in the Life series during the shoot. Details on that documentary will be coming soon.

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