Mass resignation hit Nigerian companies as thousands set to immigrate next month

Mass resignation hit Nigerian companies as thousands set to immigrate next month
  • Experts project resignations and job openings will reach record highs in August and September 2022.
  • Thousands are leaving the country by applying for study visas in countries like Canada and the United Kingdom.

Mass resignation hit Nigerian companies as thousands set to immigrate next month

They stuck it out during the #ENDSARS protest of 2020.

Then they endured nearly eight years of economic hardship and insecurity.

But this year, they say they’ve had enough.

This is the case for thousands Nigerian youths leaving the country in droves in 2022 — not because they want to, but because bad leadership, socio-economic issues, inflation and lack of opportunities are pushing them to leave.

Suddenly, lifestyle blogs and social media posts, once dominated by topics about the country’s best sites to visit, foods to try, etc., are focusing on travelling to-do lists and guides.

According to reports, a surge in departures is accelerating a “brain drain” of professional talent — a situation which will hit a fever pitch in the coming months as foreign schools resume academic activities in Q3 2022.

The trigger – echoed by numerous people – is that there is no hope for Nigeria. Life is already difficult for many to see their way out of poverty. And when you add socio-economic issues like police harassment and exploitation by SARS, and EFCC, they become desperate to “JAPA”.

According to the survey of HR operators conducted by a Nigerian website, Nairametrics, the sales and marketing department of many Nigerian companies recorded the highest number of resignations in July, followed by employees in the core operations section of the business.

Another survey conducted by LEADERSHIP NG found that the resignation has affected the banking industry the most, such that it came up as an issue for discussion at the Bankers’ Committee meeting held in April this year.

According to the report, “It was learnt that about 500 software engineers have, since the beginning of this year, till now, secured better offers abroad, majorly in Canada and European countries where the emolument far outweighs what they are being paid in the Nigerian banking sector as they are paid in foreign currency at a time the nation’s Naira has seriously depreciated.”

“Aside from these 500 engineers, about 1,000 other staff have so far resigned their appointments in deposit money banks to pick up juicy offers abroad, even as there are indications that more engineers and bank staff will also join them in the months ahead as the nation’s economy becomes harsher and the operating environment becomes unbearable.”

“For the Information and Communication sector, the story is not so different as many tech developers are either leaving Nigeria in search of ICT job that pays better or working remotely.”

Afrotimes Newspaper


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